Physiotherapy Services in Belfast

What To Expect


A patient centred professional service that combines the best current scientific evidence, common sense and thousands of hours of clinical experience. The approach is largely based around hands on manual therapy, exercise prescription and lifestyle advice.

Deep Soft Tissue Techniques


We believe in a hands on approach to physiotherapy. Many people use deep soft tissue techniques as a means to stay injury free and aid recovery. From massage techniques to trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and myofascial release, we have a technique to suit your needs.

Exercise Prescription

Phsiotherapy practice in Belfast

At Physiotherapy Now exercise forms the cornerstone in every patient programme. Exercise prescription is all about selecting the right exercise, at the right time, for that particular patient in that phase of their journey.

Joint Mobilisation


Quite often following an injury the joints in the body can become stiff and painful. We offer mobilisation techniques that encourage better movement and get you back to feeling like your normal self.

Biomechanical Assessment


An important factor often neglected in injury prevention / management is our biomechanics. We will look at how you walk / move and assess if your biomechanics are impacting your recovery.

Patient Education


At Physiotherapy Now we aim to educate, answer all questions and formulate a treatment plan specifically for you.